2021 Crias

With up to five females covered by our herd sire, Barton Brook last year, crias began popping out in late May with Barton Scimitar quietly giving birth to a whopping 10 Kg fawn male, who’s new owner has named ‘Roger’, after her uncle.

We decided to get the others scanned, to get a better idea of who was with – or without – cria. This confirmed that Barton Goodnight and Darcey were pregnant, with Alexia and Lucia ‘undetermined’ – the vet saw signs of pregnancy, but not an actual cria.

Well, Goodnight produced her first goods on 25th June with a small (5.5 Kg but perfectly formed) dark brown female I’ve named ‘Wren’.

Barton Lucia looked absolutely huge after shearing and sure enough, on 11th July, dropped her first – a mid-brown male of 6.5 Kg. Following the trend of ‘human’ names this year, I’m calling him ‘Bob’ for the time being.

After months of waiting, Darcey gave birth to an 8Kg female white / beige / light fawn (I’m not yet sure) cria on 28th October. Her owner has named her ‘Audrey’ after her Nana!

Check out the new arrivals here.