Herd Reduction Sale

We’re losing our barn and pasture in the very near future, so need to drastically reduce the herd! Please get in touch if you’re interested. Huge discounts are available for three or more animals.

2 Replies to “Herd Reduction Sale”

    1. Hi Rebekah, I have these, which should be suitable:

      Name Type Colour DOB Sire Dam Price
      Barton Dark Star Female Brown 07/07/10 Barton Comet Cammall Zena £400
      Barton St David Wether Dark Fawn 09/07/10 Rural Alianza Don Pepe Barton Sunday £300
      Barton Amanda Female White 25/09/09 Bourne Augustus Barton Moonrise £700

      The last one is actually a breeding female – hence the higher price.

      Would you like to visit to check them out?

      Best regards, David.

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